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Training Duration

Apprentices indentured under this program will work under the supervision of an experienced journeyman at all times.  The apprentice will be required to do all types of physical labor with will include heavy lifting, and will be required to wo4k under all types of conditions that will include severe hot and cold temperatures, heights, and confined spaces.

Apprentices will measure, cut, plumb, level, prepare, fit up and install piping, hangers, fixtures, all types of equipment, and weld, solder, braze all types of pipe, fittings, valves, and appurtenances.  

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1.  Age                          Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

2.  Education             Must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D. or H.S.E. Certificate

                                      or earn one before 180 days after being accepted into the

                                      apprenticeship program.


3.  Drivers License   Must posses a valid Nevada Drivers License upon acceptance into

                                      the apprenticeship program.

4.  Aptitude               Must possess the natural aptitude essential to acquiring the skills

                                      of the trade, as determined by prescribed aptitude tests (Math,

                                     Mechanical, Verbal).

5.  Physical                 Must be physically able to perform the work of the trade with

                                      reasonable accommodations.

6.  Personal Trait      Must be willing to comply with all terms and conditions of the

                                      Plasterers & Cement Masons Apprenticeship Standards, as well as

                                      its Rules and Regulations.

7.  Drug Test                Prior to acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program you must

                                       successfully pass a drug screening.

                                                                                         Nature of Work

Pipe Trades Joint Apprentice and Journeyman Training Committee for the Southern Nevada sponsored by the United Association of Journeymen Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States

and Canada Local Union #525, and the Mechanical Contractors Association offers a limited number of apprenticeship every year.

An apprenticeship consists of five-years, 246 hours a year of extensive classroom and shop training and a minimum of 8500 hours of on-the-job training.  During these five years of training, the apprentice receives instruction in:

     - Job Safety                                           - Plumbing Fixtures

     - Use and Care of Tools                    - Gas Installations

     - Mathematics                                     - Backflow                                                                         - Heating Venting Air Conditioning

     - Science                                                - Drawing and Blueprint Reading                             - Uniform Plumbing Code

     - Rigging                                                - Soldering and Brazing                                                 - Medical Gas Installations

     - Water Supply                                    - Welding and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting                    - Prevention and Hydronics

     - Drainage                                             - Pipe Welding Layout                                                   - Refrigeration

     - Automatic Controls