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Training Duration

Whether you are attending the Plasterer or the Cement Mason apprenticeship program, both programs require a minimum of four (4) years to complete.  A minimum of 640 related instruction hours is performed in the classroom environment (indoors and outside with hands-on training).  In addition to trade-specific training provide you will receive training in Occupational Safety & Health, Aerial Lift certification, Scaffold User certification, Respirator certification, Sexual Harassment, Foreman Training, as well as Basic First Aid and CPR certification.

In addition to the required classroom provisions, a minimum of 5000 on-the-job learning hours must be achieved while working for one of our Signatory Contractors.  

Benefits Under Union

Starting wages are 60% of Journeyperson wages.  Benefits include Health and Welfare (medical, dental, vision), Vacation Savings and  Pension Fund.

Plasterers & Cement Masons

Physical Demands

Physically demanding and challenging work.  Must be in excellent physical shape to perform this type of work; strong back, shoulders, and knees a must.  Work is performed both inside and outside, sometimes with the aid of ladders, scaffolds, swing stage, and aerial lifts.  Heavy lifting of bags of cementitous products weighing up to 90 lbs is not uncommon.  Can be exposed to extreme weather conditions requiring the wearing of personal protective clothing, as well as working or handling of hazardous materials requiring the wearing of personal protective equipment.

1.  Age                          Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

2.  Education             Must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D. or H.S.E. Certificate

                                      or earn one before 180 days after being accepted into the

                                      apprenticeship program.


3.  Drivers License   Must possess a valid Nevada Driver License upon acceptance into

                                      the apprenticeship program.

4.  Aptitude               Must possess the natural aptitude essential to acquiring the skills

                                      of the trade, as determined by prescribed aptitude tests (Math,

                                     Mechanical, Verbal).

5.  Physical                 Must be physically able to perform the work of the trade with

                                      reasonable accommodations.

6.  Personal Trait      Must be willing to comply with all terms and conditions of the

                                      Plasterers & Cement Masons Apprenticeship Standards, as well as

                                      its Rules and Regulations.

7.  Drug Test                Prior to acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program you must

                                       successfully pass a drug screening test.

Plasterers & Cement Masons JATC

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 Nature of Work

PLASTERER - Plasterers apply plaster mixtures to interior walls and ceilings to provide a smooth, durable abrasion-resistant finish.  On exterior walls, plasterers insttall prefabricated exterior insulation systems over existing walls or good insulation and interesting architectural effects, as well as cast ornamental designs in plaster.  Plasterers may also apply durable plasters, such as polymer-based acrylic finishes or stucco to exterior surfaces.

CEMENT MASON - Cement Masons level and finish concrete.  They also may stamp and color (stain) concrete surfaces; expose aggregate (small stones) in wall and sidewalks; or patch imperfection to a smooth surface on any concrete-made surface.  Work is performed both inside and outside.