"Your Key 

To The Future"

Benefits with the Union

 Health Insurance, Vacation Fund, Retirement Pension, and Training.

The program is a four-year combination of school and on-the-job training.  The apprentice attends one week of school approximately every 12 weeks.  He/She is required to complete 16 units of instruction over the 4-year apprenticeship; and work 6,000 hours on-the-job.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be able to physically perform the essential functions of the trade with reasonable accommodations.

  • Provide the following documentation:

                A.  High School Diploma or G.E.D. or H.S.E. (if applicable)

                B.  Valid Picture Identification

                C.  Job Corps papers (if applicable)

                D.  Military papers (if applicable)

  • Be available for work at all times.

  • Participate in an oral interview.

  • Successfully complete a drug screening.

Commercial-Industrial Carpentry includes:

(but not limited to) the structural elements of a building such as Form Work, Rough Carpentry, and Site Work.

Term of Apprenticeship

Carpenters JATC

4245 West Sunset Road

Las Vegas, NV  89118

Office:  702-452-5099

Fax:     702-452-0677


Millwright includes:

Installation of Monorails, Conveyors, Machinery Turbines, Pumps and so on.  Welding, Alignment, and Maintenance of Equipment.



Nature of Work

Commercial-Industrial Carpentry

Interior-Exterior Systems Carpentry


If one accepts the doctrine that:

"Tomorrow belongs to men of skill"

It can also be said that:

"Craftsmanship through apprenticeship", is the best route to a skilled profession.

Interior-Exterior Systems includes:

(but not limited to) the architectural elements of a building such as Metal Stud Framing & Drywall and Site Work.